Information for the sertificates’ owners


Dear guests!

If you are the holder of the certificate, you can use it at your nearest Nash Krai and SPAR store. In order to find the nearest store follow the link.

Please also read the terms of use of the certificates:

1. The denomination of the certificate is indicated on its front page.

2. This certificate can be used only once.

3. When you make a purchase, you hand over the certificate to the cashier to scan the barcode on the cover of the certificate.

4. After the purchase, the certificate remains with the cashier as a supporting document.

5. If the total purchase price is less than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference shall not be compensated.

6. The certificate is non-refundable or exchangeable.

7. When purchasing goods for an amount greater than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference must be paid in cash or by payment card.

8. When paying with the certificate, the bonus card does not work.

9. You cannot use multiple certificates in one check.

10. This certificate may not be used for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco goods.

If you have any questions, please call the hotline 0 800 50 14 18 or text us on Facebook at

Enjoy your shopping.